The definition of the ball valve


Ball valve, hoist (ball) The valve is driven by the valve stem and rotates around the axis of the ball valve. The ball valve can also be used for fluid regulation and control. Among them, there is a strong shear force between the V-shaped ball core of the hard sealed V-shaped ball valve and the metal valve seat of surfacing cemented carbide, which is especially suitable for media containing fiber and micro solid particles. The multi-way ball valve can not only flexibly control the confluence, diversion and flow of media on the pipeline The switching of flow direction can also close any channel and connect the other two channels. This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline. The ball valve is divided into pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve and manual ball valve according to the driving mode.

Ball valve came out in the 1950s. With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of production process and product structure, it has rapidly developed into a major valve in just 40 years. In western industrial developed countries, the use of ball valve is increasing year by year.