Cast Iron Floating Ball Valve


Cast iron floating ball valve
Floating ball valve is an unsupported shaft of the ball. The ball is held by two valve seats in a "floating" state. It is mainly used for cutting off, distributing and changing the direction of medium flow in the pipeline. Floating ball valves mainly have structural features such as valve seat sealing design, reliable inverted sealing valve sealing rod, fire-proof static electricity function, automatic pressure relief and locking device.
Floating ball valve is suitable for: chemical, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy, and other industries and hydrogen sulfide-containing media, many impurities, and severely corroded natural gas long-distance pipelines.

The main structural features of the floating ball valve are:

1. The valve is equipped with open and closed position indications;

2. Locking device;

3. The valve stem anti-flying structure;

4. Anti-static device;

5. Fireproof structure;

6. Unique valve seat sealing structure;

7. The flange has no leakage structure.

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