Selection Skills of Ball Valves


Selection skills of ball valves

The safety of ball valves during use is the focus of many companies’ attention, because once a hidden danger occurs during use, the hazards caused by safety hazards will be very great. better.

1. Confirm the discharge capacity of the valve

Before purchasing a valve, you need to see if the discharge capacity of the entire valve is greater than the safe discharge capacity of the pressure vessel. Only when such requirements and regulations are met can it be used normally.

2. Choose according to the pressure design and temperature design of the vessel

In the specific purchase process of the valve, it is necessary to look at the design pressure and design temperature of the pressure vessel, because it can be used normally after it meets a certain pressure level. Of course, you need to analyze from multiple perspectives during the purchase process.

3. Different media need to do a good job of safety protection

The medium may also have certain safety hazards throughout the entire process. In the entire design process of the ball valve, you need to see that the hot water boiler generally uses an unclosed wrench and a micro-lift safety valve, that is to say, if it is used in the range of places Different, there are obvious differences in specific requirements and specifications, and everyone needs to choose better.

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