Nuclear valve manufacturing enterprises gradually realize localization


In the past two years, nuclear valve manufacturers have jointly made progress in the research and development of some key nuclear valves with proprietors such as CGN and CNNC. According to the current bidding situation of nuclear valves of Qinshan and Hongyanhe projects, combined with the existing capabilities and achievements in the valve industry, the localization rate of valves of Hongyanhe units 1 and 2 will reach about 35%. After 1 ~ 2 years of research and development, there will be a big breakthrough in the manufacturing of nuclear valves, and the domestic production rate is expected to achieve 60% in Hongyanhe No. 3 and No. 4 units.

With the successful development of nuclear valves, it marks that some products of China's valve industry have entered the high-end field, reflecting that China's valves have reached a certain level of manufacturing. The market space of the product is broad, but also provides a new opportunity for the development of the valve industry. CGN signed the "Cooperation Agreement on the Development of Domestic Nuclear Power Valve" with China National Nuclear Power Plant, Dalian Dagao Valve and Jiangsu Shentong Valve, marking the joint research and development of nuclear valves between CGN and domestic valve enterprises has been fully started.

The year before last, Jiangnan Valve Company independently researched and developed, and experienced hundreds of experiments of 5 meters large diameter vacuum butterfly valve put into production, the first domestic valve into a large national defense wind tunnel test. To provide two-way vacuum sealing butterfly valve and special pressure regulating valve for the test device, boost "Chang 'e" to the moon has made an important contribution. In 2005, the company successfully developed the world's first zero-leakage "regulating metal sealing butterfly valve", which replaced gate valve and globe valve with greater energy consumption and material consumption, and successfully developed the domestic high-end valve "electrohydraulic linkage quick closing valve" whose closing time was much lower than the international standard of 0.5 seconds.

In nuclear Sue valve and suzhou high school pressure valve, lanzhou high pressure valve for our nuclear chemical system provides a number of high-end localization of the valve, including: nuclear Sue valve in the original in the 60-70 - s, independent research and development of the torpedo vacuum valve, drum vacuum valve products, mass production as the localization of flagship product, make nuclear chemical system key valve torpedo vacuum valve to realize the localization. Shanghai valve factory has participated in many major national projects in the past 40 years, such as supplying stainless steel valves to the national nuclear and chemical enrichment project in 1962.

Recently, the localization of key valves has also achieved results: Baoyi Valve Group and Zhejiang University jointly developed high-end ultra-low temperature series valves, Zhejiang Chaoda Valve for Shenhua Group to bear the "coal hydrogen" section of domestic equipment to provide a number of high temperature wear-resistant metal hard seal domestic ball valve research and development; Lanzhou High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. for Sinopec Puguang Gas Field independent research and development of anti-high sulfur natural gas valve domestic high pressure flat gate valve recently successfully trial production; Jiangsu Yangzhong Valve Factory has developed a series of special valves for energy saving and environmental protection sulfur recovery device, etc., and gradually promoted and applied in the country, so that these high-end valves have realized domestic production. Beijing Aerospace Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd has developed two new domestic products, "Quick Switching Device of Safety Valve to meet Backup Discharge Capability" and "Non-flow Bush-type Pilot Safety Valve".

The valve industry plays a very important role in the development of national economy as an important link of the preparation manufacturing industry. Because our country domestic valve manufacturing level compared with the international advanced level there is still a certain gap, a lot of high parameter, the key to high temperature and high pressure, high class valves have been dependent on imports, in order to push the valve localization, issued by the State Council for the several opinions about accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, the relevant state departments according to the requirements of the countries of major equipment localization, Has made a series of major deployment, and led by the National Development and Reform Commission, China Machinery Industry Federation and China General Machinery Industry Association together, the deployment and formulation of the relevant fields of major equipment of the valve localization program, and many times with the relevant departments coordination, now the valve localization in the domestic valve industry has formed a consensus.

Over the past 20 years, especially in the last few years, the joint efforts of scientific research, design, manufacturing and users have achieved fruitful results. In "west to east gas pipeline", "south-north water diversion project", "the three gorges water conservancy hub" million kilowatt nuclear power units, one million tons of ethylene project, supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power unit, oil and gas pipelines, coal chemical industry, the large ship, the urban sewage treatment and other major engineering projects of major equipment and nuclear power, petrochemical, metallurgical, power plants, and other fields, in addition to a small amount of high parameter valve and regulator to import, Realize the localization of valves, thus changing the situation that the key valves of major equipment are subject to foreign countries for a long time. And strive for in the short term as far as possible major engineering projects and key valves to achieve localization, or part of the realization of localization, so that China's valve manufacturing industry in the forefront of the world.

From scratch to accelerate the pace of valve localization China valve localization, has always been a long way to go. At the beginning of our country to advocate the localization of the valve, is not plain sailing, but also encountered layers of resistance, more is debated. After the older generation of experts in the valve industry and some scientific research departments of the nuclear industry to tackle and coordination, can use domestic, resolutely use domestic, in the aspect of localization as far as possible to play the edge ball, to save foreign exchange for the country.

Valve localization in China at the beginning is nothing at all, starting from scratch, and from the nuclear power plant and nuclear chemical and petrochemical equipment start based on localization, in the 80 s, capturing the first 600000 nuclear power unit of the relevant works on key project, qinshan nuclear power plant, then doing ningbo valve factory as localization pilot enterprises of nuclear engineering pipe valve, the valve is localization. After the reform and opening up, China has increased the strength of the localization of the valve. With the continuous improvement of the manufacturing technology level of the valve industry, many enterprises have adopted the advanced resin sand box molding line to produce the casting blank. The chemical composition of the casting is rapidly analyzed by direct reading spectrometers, and the defects of the casting are detected by cobalt-60 gamma rays. Forging adopts advanced technology such as tire die forging and multi-direction die forging. After entering the 21st century, the pace of the localization of the valve is accelerated, and the localization of the relevant major engineering projects has achieved achievements.

After the State Council issued the "Several Opinions on Accelerating the Revitalization of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry", the equipment manufacturing industry was driven to comprehensively revitalize. For the National Development and Reform Commission jointly with the China machinery industry federation and China association and relevant state departments have been put forward for the "15", during the period of "11th five-year plan" gradually realize the valve of major equipment localization plan, which is put forward to realize key million kilowatt nuclear power station valves, valve megaton ethylene large complete sets of equipment localization and so on, by introducing the key technology and independent development, And in the laws and regulations and policies to give a lot of preferential, so the relevant valve enterprises seize the opportunity, take the initiative to do a good job in the valve localization work. Up and down to form a consensus, the localization of valves has made gratifying progress.

The key valve of nuclear power plant is an important equipment of nuclear power plant. For a long time, it mainly relies on import. Foreign countries have been implementing technical blockade on China to earn high profits, so it has become one of the bottlenecks restricting the localization of nuclear power in China. Domestic nuclear valve development started in the early 1960s. So far, after decades of efforts, China has formed a scale of nuclear valve design, experiment, manufacturing, testing capabilities, and for the Qinshan nuclear power plant phase I, phase II construction provided a large number of nuclear valves, nuclear valves made an important contribution to the localization.

Domestic key enterprises take the initiative to overcome the difficulties, share the burden for the country, and shoulder the burden of localizing nuclear valves in R & D and manufacturing. A number of old enterprises, such as suvale, shenyang shengshi and dalian dagao, have obtained the qualification of designing and producing nuclear valves, and have made achievements in the process of producing nuclear valves domestically in China. At present, 19 domestic enterprises have obtained the design and production qualification license of civil nuclear pressure equipment issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration, which can design and produce nuclear valves. The design and production of valve types are gate valves, cut-off valves, regulating valves, etc. The 19 enterprises have the design and production of nuclear Ⅰ level valve enterprises have 5 (in the nuclear Su valve, Shen Gao, high, on the valve, Shanghai Lianggong). At present, the domestic has successfully developed pressurized water reactor nuclear island nuclear Ⅰ class electric gate valve, check valve, electric bellows globe valve, fast breeder reactor with a high level of electric bellows sodium globe valve and other nuclear valves. In 2003, CNNC Su Valve applied to the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense for the "Research and Development of the Design and Manufacturing Technology of Key Valve for Nuclear Power Plants" project, and decided to spare no effort to develop five types of key valves for nuclear power plants, thus breaking the international monopoly. In 2006, commissioned by the National Development and Reform Commission, the China machinery industry federation review demonstrates the nuclear Sue valve in dalian, shenyang ShengShiHe big high unit "million kilowatt grade pressurized water reactor nuclear power valve nationalization industrialization project" three nuclear power valve localization project, after implementation will form the core of the national nuclear valve localization strength, make China is building nuclear power project will no longer be disciplined by others.

Last year, with the construction of second-generation improved nuclear power projects such as Hongyanhe and Ningde and the digestion and absorption of third-generation nuclear power technologies such as Sanmen and Haiyang, the localization of nuclear power equipment has made significant progress in the past two years. Relying on the Qinshan Phase II Expansion Project, in recent years, the valve industry has been successfully developed with the domestic advanced level of nuclear level valves, and through the technical identification of valve manufacturers are: The company has completed the manufacture of prototype of 14 specifications and varieties, including nuclear level 1 quick opening and closing isolation valve, voltage regulator electric relief valve, low pressure differential swing check valve and nuclear level 2 hard seal containment air duct isolation valve, and passed various type tests and provincial and ministerial appraisals. Jiangsu Shentong valve nuclear secondary containment isolation butterfly valve; Dalian large high valves of the nuclear level globe valve, gate valve and check valve; The main steam isolation ball valve of Shanghai valve factory; Jiangsu Wujiang City Dongwu machinery nuclear level main steam safety valve and nuclear 2, 3 level auxiliary system safety valve; Nuclear 2 stage stop valve of Zhejiang Global Valve Group; HZD, HQB type 1E nuclear grade valve electric device of Jiangsu Changzhou Hydropower Station Auxiliary Machinery General Plant; Yangzhou power equipment repair plant with buffer device of the nuclear level valve electric actuator; Tianjin day two valve nuclear class K1 valve electric device; Shijiazhuang valve plant nuclear air isolation valve; Suzhou Neway valve nuclear electric cut-off valve, nuclear two electric ball valve, nuclear three electric butterfly valve; As well as Shenyang Shengshi high school pressure valve nuclear level electric gate valve and nuclear level swing check valve and Suzhou high school pressure valve factory nuclear level valve products and a number of nuclear level valve, has passed the National Machinery Industry Federation and other scientific research departments presided over the new technical appraisal. Recently, CNNC SOV has completed the development of various prototypes such as nuclear first and second stage rapid opening and closing isolation valves, proportional spray valves, hard sealed containment air isolation valves, electric pressure relief valves, and main steam isolation valves, and has passed relevant tests such as type tests and completed cold state function tests to meet the needs of nuclear power projects.

At the same time, in the C2 project of the second phase project of Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, in addition to the control valves with high technical content, the other valves are all made in China. Among them, the air release valve, back pressure control valve and other nuclear level 2 and nuclear level 3 pneumatic control valves are provided by Shanghai Automation Instrument Factory No. 7. The process valve part is provided by CNNC Su valve, and the electric actuator is provided by Tianjin Baili II. Nuclear electric gate valve provided by Zhejiang Huadong Valve.