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R & D Strength

3D Design

With the development of Yongyuan R&D technology, in the finalization of product design, Yongyuan widely uses advanced technical means for simulation analysis and optimization design.

In recent years, the company's research and development investment continues to increase, and the proportion of research and development investment also continues to improve.

Full PTFE Sealed Construction

In order to improve the scope of application and safety level of products. 

Our company for the pharmaceutical, chemical industry of the ball valve selection of PTFE sealing structure, to avoid the use of rubber, graphite and other materials caused by the sealing failure, medium pollution.

Seal Reliability Design

In actual use, when the ball valve is about to reach the fully open or fully closed position, the torque will increase. If the operator is not carefully confirmed, there may be a ball switch is not in place. 

And the conventional ball size of the ball valve, the ball outside diameter is small, will produce sealing surface indentation or internal leakage, affect the service life. Pneumatic, electric ball valve due to the bracket, the cumulative clearance of the connection shaft will also produce the above situation.

In order to improve the stability of the product, the ball valve is customized with larger size to eliminate all possible non-standard operation and unstable factors. When the switch is not in place and the Angle of the ball is deviated, it can also have a reliable sealing ability.

Reliability Structure Design

Fire protection structure design:

Yongyuan floating ball valve adopts fireproof structure design. When in case of accident, PTFE and other non-metal sealing ring burn, the ball valve can still operate reliably and has good sealing performance.
Valves are designed to comply with API 607, JB/T 6899 valve fire test standards.

Stem anti-flying and inverted seal design:

The valve stem adopts a bottom-mounted structure with an inverted seal. The sealing force of the inverted seal increases with the increase of the medium pressure.When the valve chamber is abnormally pressurized or when the packing and gland are operated and maintained, the stem will not be flushed out by the medium pressure.The packing adopts V-shaped packing, which has certain self-sealing performance and can effectively convert the pressing force and medium force of the packing gland into the sealing force of the valve stem.

Switch positioning with lock structure design:

Prevent misoperation. Our company is equipped with standard 90° switch with hole positioning piece, according to the need to lock, to prevent misoperation.

Anti-static structure design:

The valve with a non-metallic material made of sealing seat, in the process of its switch or high speed flow through the medium in the channel hole, due to friction, easy to generate electrostatic aggregation.
Static electricity can cause sparks, which in turn can cause an explosion. So in order to effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, it is necessary to make the valve core, stem and valve body conductive, so as to draw out the static electricity, to ensure the safety of the valve.
According to customer demand, Yongyuan valve can use the spring-steel ball type electrostatic discharge device, so that the valve stem, ball, valve body between the formation of a conductive path.