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Manufacturing Process

The company has a total of more than 200 sets of various processing equipment, 90% of which are CNC CNC processing. 

The diameter of the machinable valve is DN10 ~ DN400. 

Processing varieties have more than 50 categories, more than 600 specifications. The annual processing and assembly capacity is 7000 tons/year.

Our company prohibited oil, prohibited water valve production according to the specially formulated process specification. 

The control process includes: cleaning, assembly, pressure test, drying treatment, water and oil detection, packaging and other links. 

The cleaning and assembly of valves are provided with a special independent area.

The company invested more than 120 million yuan in the introduction of ultra-low temperature test equipment. 

The equipment is used for -196℃ ultra-low temperature valve production (cryogenic treatment), test.

Quality control testing equipment