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Zhejiang Yongyuan Valve Co Ltd, State-owned enterprise of Zhejiang Yongkang valve factory previously, was founded in 1967. With a history of almost 50 years of history, we’re one of the top suppliers for valves, designated by national ministry of machinery industry, and one of the key enterprises of valve manufacturing in Zhejiang Province. Our company has gained the reputation of outstanding enterprises in Zhejiang Province, also got feedback from customer’s satisfaction and rewards of excellent business performance. Nowadays we’re one of the council members of China Valve Association, and one of the compilation enterprises of National Ball Valve Standard, designated as one of the best Chinese chemical equipment suppliers.

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  • Stainless steel valve applications and market prospects
    Stainless steel valves because of its long life, not rust, green and other advantages of excellence has entered the industrial applications, has become the field of pipeline industry will purchase the valve products, but the domestic valve manufacturers to meet international standards is not univ...
  • Good market prospects of high-pressure valves
    On our current valve market, in addition to the low-pressure valve to achieve a level acceptable to the international market, the high-pressure valves still need to rely on imports. Under Continued good macroeconomic situation, most of the production and sales targets valve industry has maintaine...
  • Development trend of domestic high – pressure valve industry
    The reason for the low quality of the valve products is that, due to the rapid expansion of the market, the original state-owned valve enterprises have shut down and transferred. Although a number of township enterprises have developed rapidly, due to the low starting point of township enterprise...